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Tim and Cindy H., Sabattus
Just a quick not to update you on how the heat pump is satisfying the heating requirements of our home (cape, 1900 sqft).  When outside temps drop under 15degrees F, the heat pump maintains between 45-50 degrees inside temp, regardless of how cold it gets outside.  So we simply run the propane fireplace as a supplement and can achieve comfortable indoor temps.
Pilar T., Brunswick
Thank you so much Ryan!  I have tried the heat pump to cool the house and it works beautifully.  I look forward to not being cold this winter, thanks to you!  Know that I will surely recommend you to my friends. Pilar T.
Nola, Harpswell
How absolutely wonderful!!!!!!!!  Thank you so much.  Yes, "Hal" is doing well now. A carport is fine, as long as one wall is open.    "He" makes such a difference in how I feel about winter--such a luxury after years and years of the labor of wood!!!  He's my significant other--and keeps me warm at night!   Blessings!   Nola
Robert E., Cumberland
All data collected to date shows positive results on both our heating system and the Hot Water system. Last week I fired up the cooling unit and it works great. Thanks for the info. Enjoy your summer. Bob
Jim D., Yarmouth
Thank you for making for making the installation such a fun experience.  I appreciate being able to watch.  You and the boys are great examples of a tight crew that works efficiently but easily together. I am putting your check in the mail today, with the full expectation that it is money well spent.  I expect that I may be coming to you next year to look at the rest of the house.  Until then, feel free to use me as a reference.  Please thank your crew for me and have a good year. Regards, Jim D.
Lorah, Yarmouth
OMG ! You may quote me -"this air exchanger is better than a new car!". Good sleeping last night, turned the temp up to 70 and put the fan on "auto' this morn, windows shut and shades shut on sunny side of house, a fan running directed out of each door of the office where unit is. Such fun!   Have fun today!  Lorah
Amanda C.
Hey Ryan!` So I wanted to report in on how much we LOVE OUR HEAT PUMP!  I've been recommedning you to everyone I can, and also I dragged my neighbor in to see it because I think she could use the switch :) I wanted to offer out our willingness to put a sign out on the front lawn that says, "HEAT PUMP INSTALLATION BY RYAN KEITH BLAHBLAHBLAH" with your number and whatnot. We can do that whenever you want. I saw one of my friends on the River Road in Brunswick have a similar sign with a different company, and I was jealous that I… (read more)
Cal S., Gray, Maine
17 below here last night (on my thermometer) and the house was 68 this morning.  Not using the pellet stove at all except for a half hour on occasion.