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The potential savings you could see from the heat pump varies from home to home but generally we are seeing anywhere from 50% to 70% savings. For example, if you spend $2000 a year for heating, you could expect to see a $1000 a year savings and a 3 year payback. Or if you are spending $6000 a year you could see a 1 year payback and often times close to a 70% savings.
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Ease of Use

The operation of the units is very simple, most units come with a hand held remote control that has a tempature up and down button, mode button for the type of operation you are looking for cooling/heating and a power button to name the commonly use buttons.
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Home Comfort

The operation of the units is very simple. Most units come with a hand held remote control that has a temperature up and down button, mode button for the type of operation you are looking for (cooling or heating) and a power button.
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Welcome to Northeast Heat Pumps

My Name is Ryan Keith. I have been in the construction industry since 1995. I have had the opportunity to experience all phases of the process.  After many years of constructing frame-to-finish homes using traditional materials and practices, I have discovered the benefits of using energy-efficient systems to create a better-insulated, cost-saving, and healthy home. 

Northeast Heat Pumps | Heat Pumps | Mini Split | Portland MaineThe cornerstone of an energy-efficient home is the heat pump.  Not only does the heat pump heat your home while saving you money on oil, gas or propane, and cutting out the use of those fossil fuels entirely, it also dehumidifies the air and can act as an air conditioner in warmer temperatures.  Everyone works hard for their money, and a heat pump is an all-in-one method of heating and cooling your home for a fraction of the cost of a yearly heating bill. 

My crew and I have worked together for over fifteen years.  A beautiful,energy efficient home means a great deal to us, not only in its interior and exterior construction, but incorporating a heat pump system seamlessly into the aesthetic panorama.  In addition to my heat pump installation crew, I work closely with an exceptional group of electricians and tradesmen, including DeWitt Kimball, a building-science guru who has been energy-auditing homes in Maine for over 30 years.

I look forward to sharing my knowledge and enthusiasm for heat pumps and energy-efficiency with you.  From changing out lightbulbs to installing a heat pump water heater in place of an oil-fueled boiler, I have ideas, methods and materials to help save you money at every turn!  Give me a call and let's talk heat pumps!

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