Service Address
Mailing Address
Optional - If different than service address
  • Please email and provide the following:

    • A 20-30 second video of the blinking light sequence on your unit. This will let Northeast Heat Pumps know exactly what is happening with the unit
    • A photo of stickers on the interior and exterior of the unit showing the model and serial number
    • A photo of the remote screen with the unit's current settings
  • Northeast Heat Pumps will troubleshoot over the phone, or get you scheduled for a service call if necessary.

  • If the unit is not blowing as warm/cold or effectively as it should, please clean the filters.

  • Please check out our troubleshooting page to see if one of our pages can help diagnose the issue.

  • After following the above steps, please reset the breaker, leave it off for 20-30 minutes and then restart. Once the unit is back on, depending on whether you are trying to get cold or hot air, please set the temperature to either HEAT 88 and fan speed high, or COOL 64 and fan speed high. Verify if the lights return and if the unit is blowing hot/cold air.