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    Ease of Use
    The operation of the units is very simple, units come with a hand held remote control that has a temperature adjustment button, mode button for the type of operation you are looking for cooling/heating & a power button
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    Home Comfort
    The operation of the units is very simple. Most units come with a hand held remote control that has a temperature up and down button, mode button for the type of operation you are looking for (cooling or heating) and a power button.
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    The potential savings you could see from the heat pump varies from home to home but generally we are seeing anywhere from 50% to 70% savings. For example, if you spend $2000 a year for heating, you could expect to see a $1000 a year savings


Wall-mount Heat Pump near staircase

The crew at Northeast Heat Pumps is a small humble, community & family oriented group that have worked together collectively for over 15 years installing and servicing heat pumps in the local area. Ryan Keith- owner, takes immense pride in serving customers and sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm for heat pumps. He believes that the cornerstone of an energy-efficient home is the heat pump. A heat pump can heat your home while saving you money on oil, gas or propane. It can also dehumidify the air and act as an air conditioner in warmer temperatures. A heat pump is an efficient, all-in-one method of heating and cooling your home for a fraction of the cost of other systems. We at Northeast Heat Pumps even have a number of customers install units in their homes to completely abandon their furnaces. 

Northeast Heat Pumps exclusively installs Daikin, Fujitsu & Mitsubishi wall mounted ductless mini-split heat pumps. 

We offer free in-home estimates, service and clean existing systems (installed by us), and install new systems.  Our company is a Qualified Partner and Registered Vendor with Efficiency Maine, meaning we install for residential and commercial jobs while also qualifying for the Efficiency Maine rebates. Additionally, we are equipped to do retro-fit  installs as well as new construction installs. 

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Client Testimonials

  • Just a quick not to update you on how the heat pump is satisfying the heating requirements of our home (cape, 1900 sqft). When outside temps drop under 15 degrees F, the heat pump maintains between 45-50 degrees inside temp, regardless of how cold it gets outside.

    Tim and Cindy H., Sabattus, ME
  • Thank you so much Ryan! I have tried the heat pump to cool the house and it works beautifully. I look forward to not being cold this winter, thanks to you! Know that I will surely recommend you to my friends. Pilar T.

    Pilar T., Brunswick, ME
  • How absolutely wonderful!!!!!!!! Thank you so much. Yes, "Hal" is doing well now. A carport is fine, as long as one wall is open. "He" makes such a difference in how I feel about winter--such a luxury after years and years of the labor of wood!!!

    Nola, Harpswell, ME
  • All data collected to date shows positive results on both our heating system and the Hot Water system. Last week I fired up the cooling unit and it works great. Thanks for the info. Enjoy your summer. Bob

    Robert E., Cumberland, Maine
  • Thank you for making for making the installation such a fun experience. I appreciate being able to watch. You and the boys are great examples of a tight crew that works efficiently but easily together.

    Jim D., Yarmouth, Maine
  • Hey Ryan! So I wanted to report in on how much we LOVE OUR HEAT PUMP! I've been recommending you to everyone I can, and also I dragged my neighbor in to see it because I think she could use the switch :) Best, Amanda C.

  • 17 below here last night (on my thermometer) and the house was 68 this morning. Not using the pellet stove at all except for a half hour on occasion.

    Cal S., Gray, Maine
  • "These guys arrived on time and surveyed where the units were to be installed. They went right to work as a team. Jake and his team are meticulous and cheerful. They checked in as the installation progressed. The installation took about 4.5 hours. They even cleaned up as they went along."

  • "Thanks to the staff who answered my questions about an older heat pump which stopped working and to the staff who figured out the problem and fixed the heat pump!"

  • "Staff were knowledgeable, courteous and friendly. I am impressed how they all work together for a quick, clean installation."

  • "The entire crew was great --- they were clean, efficient, knowledgable and kind to our dog Winston. He was convinced they were all here to see him!

  • "Just had my heat pumps cleaned, excellent service, left no mess behind and answered my questions"

  • "I am very pleased with the service of the team of individuals that installed our heat pump. They were polite, professional and very informative and answered our questions.So happy for the demonstration how to use the remote. We have heat! Would recommend Northeast Heat Pumps to everyone.

    Linda, Topsham, Maine
  • "The crew that came to our house were incredible - efficient, polite, thoughtful, knowledgeable, patient and a pleasure to interact with."

  • I just want to thank you for the prompt service, I called last week when my AC wasn't working and you had Paul here this morning! And he is amazing, professional, neat and made me feel like I wasn't a filthy person as that black water flowed into the bucket!!

    Betti, Topsham, ME



Contact Us Long Form

Service Address
Mailing Address
Optional - If different than service address
  • Please email office@northeastheatpumps.com and provide the following:

    • A 20-30 second video of the blinking light sequence on your unit. This will let Northeast Heat Pumps know exactly what is happening with the unit
    • A photo of stickers on the interior and exterior of the unit showing the model and serial number
    • A photo of the remote screen with the unit's current settings
  • Northeast Heat Pumps will troubleshoot over the phone, or get you scheduled for a service call if necessary.

  • If the unit is not blowing as warm/cold or effectively as it should, please clean the filters.

  • Please check out our troubleshooting page to see if one of our pages can help diagnose the issue.

  • After following the above steps, please reset the breaker, leave it off for 20-30 minutes and then restart. Once the unit is back on, depending on whether you are trying to get cold or hot air, please set the temperature to either HEAT 88 and fan speed high, or COOL 64 and fan speed high. Verify if the lights return and if the unit is blowing hot/cold air. 


Northeast Heat Pumps serves the following counties:

  • Androscoggin
  • Cumberland*
  • Kennebec*
  • Lincoln*
  • Sagadahoc*
  • York*